Abound Design & Interpretation Ltd

Russell Eggleton MAHI

51 Glen Crescent
Scottish Borders
EH45 9BS

Tel: 01721 400 910
Website: abound-design.com


  1. Copywriting/scriptwriting/editing
  2. Exhibition design
  3. Graphic design and production
  4. Interpretive design/production
  5. Project management


At Abound, we care about accessibility, conservation, security and sustainability issues, and can advise on them accordingly. We also understand the need to extract the best value from your budget and effectively manage the relationship between time, cost and quality.

To help your project get off to the best start, we have assembled some useful tools which you will find on our website.

Our service includes:

• supporting feasibility studies, grant applications and interpretative
  planning of on-site and new media projects

• 3D and graphic design for temporary exhibitions, galleries and touring    
  exhibits, utilising both traditional and digital media

• interactive and multimedia exhibit design

• outdoor interpretation and signage

• project management


We have extensive experience in designing and delivering interpretation projects of all sizes, from small displays to major exhibitions, covering such diverse subjects as: oriental art, explorers, applied arts, military, social history and the natural world.
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  • Forbidden City: Treasures of an Emperor - exhibition

    Forbidden City: Treasures of an Emperor - exhibition

  • Discovery Zone - Trebuchet interactive

    Discovery Zone - Trebuchet interactive

  • Trailblazers - exhibition

    Trailblazers - exhibition