inherit grundtvig european project

InHerit, is a Grundtvig multilateral project on heritage interpretation. AHI is a partner in the project. Scroll down to see the latest newsletters from the project. 

The overall goal of InHerit is to 'build heritage staff capacity for competence oriented informal learning in inspiring heritage contexts that offer visitors a low threshold entrance to lifelong learning with a European dimension'.

The first aim of InHerit is to develop competences in Heritage Interpretation (HI) for key stakeholders who direct and deliver non-formal education for visitors.

Therefore InHerit will try :

  • to further develop HI philosophy and methodology, and teach its application for visitors' personal development, for site management goals and for European policies and values.
  • to establish a high quality regular Grundtvig / “Erasmus for All” IST that develops key competences for adult learning staff in HI. By 2020 the majority of managers and educators working with sites of international significance should have benefited from this IST.
  • to exploit the results for enhanced training and practice at national, regional and local level.
  • to outline advanced IST within the LLP aiming to develop the skills of educators for different HI formats, special techniques and target groups, aligned with the reference framework of key competences for adult learning staff.

Project partners

  • Landcommanderij Alden Biesen (coordinator) (BE)
  • Interpret Europe - European Association for Heritage Interpretation (DE)
  • Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Univ. of Zagreb (HR)
    Istituto Pangea Onlus (IT)
  • Malopolski Instytut Kultury (PL)
  • Platform Opleiding, Onderwijs en Organisatie (NL)
  • Association for Heritage Interpretation (UK)
  • English Heritage  (UK)
  • Swedish Center for Nature Interpretation (SE)