2010 conference papers now online

11 February 2011

AHI's annual conference in 2010 looked at the theme of Effective Communication. Held in Bournemouth, the conference included a stimulating programme of field visits and thought-provoking presentations - as well as lots of lively discussion outside the formal sessions.

Many of the papers and presntations are now available as downloads. For the lively informal discussions you'll need to come to this year's conference!

The title of each paper in the list below is a link to a pdf file on the AHI website, with one exception which is an mp4 video. You can also download a copy of this list that incudes live links to each paper.

If you enjoy these papers and you’re not already a member, why not join AHI for more analysis and debate about interpretation. The Association’s journal publishes valuable case studies and lively articles twice a year, there’s a bi-monthly e-newsletter, and our regular events, including the annual conference, are a great opportunity to meet others working in the field.


James Carter, interpretation consultant
Communication or communion?
The conference’s opening keynote paper, looking at what’s really happening in effective interpretation. A written version of the paper, with illustrations.

Durlston Country Park
A summary of workshops held at the park
Workshops during our field visit to the park looked at interpretive planning, an imaginative family activity pack, and the park’s programme of guided walks.

Sue Hayward, Heritage Manager, Bournemouth Borough Council
Transforming the Russell-Cotes
Slides from a presentation about current work to transform this unique gallery, historic house and museum.

Jackie Lee, Artemis Cultural & Educational Services

Costumed Conversations
The value of costumed interpretation. A written version of the conference session, with illustrations.

Cathy Lewis, Froghopper
Developing content for the Tank Museum
A copywriter’s view of this major museum re-development project. Presentation slides with notes. This is a 32 megabyte file so may take some time to download.

Carolyn Lloyd Brown, Interpretation consultant

Communication and new technologies
Chris Walker, Bright White
Technology as product
These joint presentations review the role of new technologies in interpretation. Carolyn Lloyd Brown’s a summary of her presentation; Chris Walker’s is a recording of a video interview conducted live during the conference. Note: the video recording will open as a page on Vimeo, the video sharing service.

Jim Mitchell, Interpretation Officer, New Forest National Park
The first five years: an interpreter’s view
A review of interpretation work in this new National Park. Presentation slides with notes.

Jess Monaghan, Visitor Experience Advisor, The National Trust
Is interpretation an exact science?
How the National Trust is approaching new interpretation projects. A written version of the paper.

Sarah Oswald, PLB
Generic Learning Outcomes at the Tank Museum – presentation
Generic Learning Outcomes at the Tank Museum – Notes
The redevelopment of the Tank Museum from a designer’s perspective. The presentation file contains slides from a presentation; the notes give added context to the slides.

Andy Pritchett, Ugly Studios
A conference overview
A one-page summary of the conference!

Philip Ryland, Deputy Dean (Education), School of Tourism, Bournemouth University
The guided walk experience
A report on research into visitors’ reactions to guided walks. A written version of the paper.

Richard Smith, Director, The Tank Museum
The development of the Tank Museum
The director’s perspective on the museum’s mission and development. Presentation slides.

Daisy Sutcliffe, Jurassic Coast Arts Co-ordinator, Anjana Ford, World Heritage Education Co-ordinator, and David Tucker, Dorset County Museums Officer
The Jurassic Coast World Heritage project
A review of the Heritage Coast’s work and interpretation, including its ambitious arts programme. Presentation slides.

Phil Whitfield, Head of Design and Interpretation, Forestry Commission Scotland
Getting practical - trying to influence visitor behaviour
A review of the Commission’s work on influencing visitor behaviour. Presentation slides.

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