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AHI has four types of individual membership, depending upon experience, qualifications and track record. Individual members have access to all AHI's services as well as voting rights on AHI business and can serve on AHI's committee.

Student Member
Student Membership is open to those on full-time courses in interpretation and related subjects. You can become an Associate member when you complete your studies.

Cost: £32.00

Associate Member (AAHI)
Associate Membership is open to anyone interested in supporting the aims and objectives of AHI, whether or not they are involved directly in interpretation.

Cost: £62.00

Full Member (MAHI)
A panel assesses applications for full membership, which is open to anyone who can show that they have enough relevant experience.

Full members may use the letters 'MAHI' after their name, display a specially-designed version of the AHI logo on websites and publicity material, and purchase a listing on the suppliers' directory.

You can download the application form for full membership here.

Applications are graded on a points system, which recognises:
• Relevant training and academic qualifications
• Workplace experience and competencies
• Contributions to interpretation through published articles, conference papers etc.
Applications for full membership are considered on a quarterly basis every March/April, June/July, September/October and December/January.

Cost: £75.00

Fellow (FAHI)
A panel assesses applications for fellowship, which is open to Full Members of the AHI who have worked for at least ten years in interpretation, including seven years in a position of responsibility, supported by at least three of the following:

• Relevant qualification
• Active role in the development of interpretation
• Significant contribution to good practice
• Substantial publications record

Fellows may use the letters 'FAHI' after their name.

Cost: £84.00 

Corporate membership is designed for organisations that want to keep in touch with AHI activities and/or receive its publications. They may be suppliers of interpretive services, organisations that manage and deliver interpretation, universities and colleges, libraries or professional bodies.

Staff of corporate members may attend all AHI events. One representative of each corporate member may exercise voting rights and serve on committees.

Corporate members may use the specially-designed version of the AHI logo on websites and publicity material, and purchase a listing on the suppliers' directory

Annual subscriptions are based on the number of copies of Interpretation Journal required:
• 1 copy: £94.00
• 2 copies: £129.00
• 3 copies: £165.00
• 4 copies: £201.00
• 5 copies: £237.00


We welcome subscribers outside the United Kingdom. We will send you the journal by airmail, and charge the following postage costs in addition to the relevant membership fee:

Europe: £10
Rest of the world: £15