2006 Awards


Across the Board - Around the World in 18 Games

This is an important exhibition, bringing together the British Museum with five regional venues. The choice of theme was imaginative, with a broad appeal to all age ranges and across social, economic and cultural divides. The objects chosen for display were fascinating and it really was an extra-special event to see the Lewis Chessmen on tour. The combination of the collections and opportunities to play the games was irresistible. The presence of a highly knowledgeable and enthusiastic enabler at Lincoln added considerably to the experience.

To produce a touring exhibition including collections of international significance for under £100,000 is quite an achievement. The budget and the need for flexibility and for ease of transport limited the interpretive media used, but this was no bad thing. The exhibition focused on the objects on display and was all the better for that. The wide range of support activities offered at each venue was a major bonus. Three cheers also for the supporting website.

The main graphic panels needed additional attention to make their content more accessible, but this was the only real weakness and we would recommend that Across the Board be given a Commendation.

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  • One of the Lewis chess pieces included in the exhibition

    A rare outing for the Lewis chessmen