2006 Awards

Award and Special Award

Barton Broad Restoration Project

High quality wooden causeways, sensitively designed to fit in with the landscape, take visitors, including those with disabilities, on an exciting journey into a waterworld that would otherwise be impenetrable by boat of foot or wheelchair. A clear Braille booklet is available as well as an audio which includes a variety of voices of local residents who express their affection for the place and explain its place in their lives.

At certain intervals panels, appropriately situated, explain the flora, fauna and sometimes human activity associated with the view. These panels are positioned so that visitors with visibility difficulties can listen to the birds, smell the mud and hear the water and the waterfowl.

The judges visited the site on a quiet evening when there were no other visitors and the wooden causeways gave one a sense of entering into a kind unexplored wilderness. The site has a magic quality and its access and interpretation to all groups is outstanding. We recommend an Award.

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  • The boardwalk leading into the heart of Barton Broad

    Judges felt the site had a magical quality