2017 Shortlisted and Commended

Here are the details of the shortlisted and commended entrants for an AHI 2017 Discover Heritage Award.
  • The AHI Discover Heritage Awards 2017

    Sponsored by Wessex Archaeology

     The AHI Discover Heritage Awards – for excellence in cultural and natural heritage interpretation in Britain and Ireland 2017 are sponsored by Wessex Archaeology.
  • Museums and historic properties/sites

    Sponsored by Minerva Heritage

     This is a project that is based upon a collection, building or property.

    A museum is defined as a collection-based organisation rather than the display of objects at a visitor centre. Museum-led projects that take parts of their collection off-site to places that are not visitor centres are eligible. An historic property/site could be a house, castle, industrial or archaeological site. Projects about extensive historic landscapes should be entered here/in the Landscapes, Forests, Nature Reserves, Parks and Gardens category, while more discrete sites, such as battlefields, could be entered in either.
  • Visitor / Interpretation Centres

    Sponsored by Bett Associates

     This category includes new visitor centres as well as established centres producing new interpretation. A centre may be linked to a property, site, landscape or whole region. It may be a standalone building or set within a larger building, such as a tourist information centre. You will be judged on how you use the built space of a centre to tell the cultural or natural heritage story of the property, site, landscape or region.

    An eligible centre can include a collection of objects in its displays, but the centre itself should not be a collecting museum. If you are the latter please enter the Museums and Historic Properties/Sites category. Visitor centres at historic properties or landscapes are eligible in this category where they form a distinct and separate element to the rest of the property.
  • Landscapes, forests, nature reserves, parks and gardens

    Sponsored by Bright 3d

    For the interpretation of cultural and/or natural heritage of the wider outdoors in any form, from a small garden to a landscape.
  • Interpretation for a target audience

    Sponsored by Colour Heroes

    Where you have identified the need to create an interpretive project for a specific audience that you are otherwise not catering for. You may be creating something specific for audiences that already use your site, but perhaps you feel that you didn’t communicate to them effectively, or are actively reaching out to new audiences you wish to engage with more fully.
  • Community projects

    Sponsored by Canal and River Trust

    This is for a project that has been led or co-produced by a volunteer-based community organisation or group. It can be one where the whole project has been produced by a community group, where the group has brought in contractors to help with delivering interpretation or where a group has worked as equal partners with an organisation such as a museum, local authority or charity employing staff.

    The Award will recognise the work of volunteer-led groups in taking the lead or being equal partners in producing and co-producing interpretation.
  • The AHI Award for Excellence in Interpretation

    Sponsored by AHI

    The Awards Judging Panel will choose one of the five category winners to be the best overall project of 2017.
  • The AHI Lifetime Achievement Award

    Sponsored by AHI

    This is a special award, for nominated individuals, which recognises an outstanding and lasting contribution to the heritage interpretation profession over a significant period of time.